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Ndumo Game Reserve: Banzi Pan (26523217)


Authority Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife
Conservation status PROTECTED
IBA information SA052 - NDUMO GAME RESERVE
Ramsar information
Heritage information
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Banzi Pan, located in the Ndumo Game Reserve, a declared RAMSAR site, is linked to the Usuthu River System. Recent changes in the river course has resulted in this system changing from a pan system to a narrow linear river system. The site is no longer counted by boat and instead it is now surveyd on foot. In 2008, Ndumo Game Reserve has been in the spotlight due to the re-zoning of a section of land in the southeast of the reserve. A section of the protected area is being re-zoned for agricultural use, to be used by the surrounding subsistence communities. The Pongolo Floodplain system is highly diverse and supports various Red-data and CITES species. It falls within the Internationally recognised Maputaland-Pondoland Centre of endemism and is an International Biodiversity Hotspot. Only a small part of this unique floodplain system is under official protectection; the rest of the system are heavily impacted by subsistence farming. The re-zoning certainly does not bode well for the wetlands and associated waterbirds in the area; and indeed the reserve as a whole.

SppCommon nameTaxonomic nameMinAvgMaxIBASubregional
269Avocet, PiedRecurvirostra avosetta2484.00170 125
67Bittern, LittleIxobrychus minutus11.001   
50Cormorant, ReedPhalacrocorax africanus115.1958   
47Cormorant, White-breastedPhalacrocorax carbo22.002   
203Crake, BlackAmaurornis flavirostris14.0920
52Darter, AfricanAnhinga rufa13.7313   
101Duck, FulvousDendrocygna bicolor4209.25720   
91Duck, Knob-billedSarkidiornis melanotos44.505   
104Duck, White-backedThalassornis leuconotus2222.0022   
100Duck, White-facedDendrocygna viduata3133.00577   
61Egret, CattleBubulcus ibis114.7070   
58Egret, GreatEgretta alba12.637   
59Egret, LittleEgretta garzetta13.008   
149Fish-eagle, AfricanHaliaeetus vocifer11.824
86Flamingo, GreaterPhoenicopterus ruber5180.50110   
87Flamingo, LesserPhoenicopterus minor4646.0046   
209Gallinule, Allen'sPorphyrio alleni13.506
89Goose, EgyptianAlopochen aegyptiacus111.74113   
88Goose, Spur-wingedPlectropterus gambensis143.00135   
6Grebe, LittleTachybaptus ruficollis12.504   
263Greenshank, CommonTringa nebularia11.502   
72Hamerkop, HamerkopScopus umbretta12.105   
56Heron, GoliathArdea goliath13.2916   
63Heron, Green-backedButorides striata12.305   
54Heron, GreyArdea cinerea14.5019   
57Heron, PurpleArdea purpurea11.112   
62Heron, SquaccoArdeola ralloides13.3613   
81Ibis, African SacredThreskiornis aethiopicus23.336   
83Ibis, GlossyPlegadis falcinellus155.86332   
84Ibis, HadedaBostrychia hagedash13.6710   
228Jacana, AfricanActophilornis africanus228.35172  
229Jacana, LesserMicroparra capensis33.003  
395Kingfisher, GiantMegaceryle maximus11.402
397Kingfisher, MalachiteAlcedo cristata12.006
394Kingfisher, PiedCeryle rudis14.5215
245Lapwing, BlacksmithVanellus armatus12.886   
210Moorhen, CommonGallinula chloropus17.8328   
69Night-Heron, Black-crownedNycticorax nycticorax11.001  
74Openbill, AfricanAnastomus lamelligerus132.69270   
42Pelican, Great WhitePelecanus onocrotalus298.20424  300
237Plover, Kittlitz'sCharadrius pecuarius448.67136   
238Plover, Three-bandedCharadrius tricollaris18.7525   
92Pygmy-Goose, AfricanNettapus auritus480.00320   
256Ruff, RuffPhilomachus pugnax180180.00180  
258Sandpiper, CommonActitis hypoleucos12.308  
262Sandpiper, MarshTringa stagnatilis11.001   
264Sandpiper, WoodTringa glareola24.338   
85Spoonbill, AfricanPlatalea alba13.004   
270Stilt, Black-wingedHimantopus himantopus646.00188  
253Stint, LittleCalidris minuta3232.0032   
79Stork, BlackCiconia nigra22.002   
75Stork, Saddle-billedEphippiorhynchus senegalensis11.001   
77Stork, Woolly-neckedCiconia episcopus13.259   
76Stork, Yellow-billedMycteria ibis15.5631   
208Swamphen, African PurplePorphyrio madagascariensis116.8662 50
99Teal, HottentotAnas hottentota22.002   
290Tern, CaspianSterna caspia44.004   
10009Tern, UnidentifiedN/A N/A571.75102
305Tern, WhiskeredChlidonias hybrida55.005   
274Thick-knee, WaterBurhinus vermiculatus13.2110   
10008Wader, UnidentifiedN/A N/A241.33120
685Wagtail, African PiedMotacilla aguimp12.635
686Wagtail, CapeMotacilla capensis12.504
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