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Species Summary

Duck, Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)

101626212716Abe Bailey Nature Reserve: Mooirivier Loop 2 (Gauteng)11.001
101629263024Albert Falls Dam: Route 1 (KwaZulu-Natal)12.003
101633571831Athlone WWTW - Combined (Western Cape)11.001
101625582804Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary (Gauteng)33.675
101632471809Berg River 1: Mouth & Estuary (Western Cape)15.6513
101632471811Berg River 3: Hotel Mudflats & Estuary (Western Cape)13.469
101632481811Berg River 4: Hotel Saltpans (Western Cape)11.001
101632481812Berg River 5: De Plaat (Western Cape)11.502
101634012323Bitou River (Western Cape)13.336
101626072815Blaauwpan (Gauteng)26.7816
101629072616Bloemspruit Sewage Maturation Ponds (Free State)11.001
101625372811Bon Accord Dam (Gauteng)23.004
101626072816Bonaero Park Pan (Gauteng)12.003
101634211907Botriviervlei: A2 Fisherhaven to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)11.001
101634221907Botriviervlei: B Fisherhaven to Meerensee (Western Cape)22.002
101634211906Botriviervlei: Combined (A1,A2,B,C & D) (Western Cape)22.333
101634211905Botriviervlei: E (Kleinmond River Estuary) (Western Cape)11.673
101634242049Breede River Estuary: Mouth - Power lines (Western Cape)22.002
101625542842Bronkhorstspruit Dam (Gauteng)12.133
101633402635Bushmans River: Mouth - Ghio Bridge (Eastern Cape)11.001
101631033011Caribbean Estate (KwaZulu-Natal)23.004
101626112741Con Joubert Bird Sanctuary (Gauteng)11.502
101626092832Daybreak Farm: Modderfontein (Mpumalanga)11.001
101634061849Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary (Western Cape)12.253
101633531830Diep River Estuary: R27 bridge - Woodbridge (Western Cape)13.7920
101633531829Diep River Estuary: Woodbridge - Mouth (Western Cape)11.502
101625572800Diepsloot Nature Reserve (Gauteng)11.332
101633381843Droevlei (Western Cape)12.254
101634222100Duiwenhoks River: Mouth - Mazapa (Western Cape)11.001
101633592227George Sewage Works (Western Cape)55.005
101634232125Goukou River: Mouth - Cobb Hole (Combined) (Western Cape)11.332
101634212125Goukou River: Mouth - Melkhoutfontein (Western Cape)22.002
101634042214Great Brak River Estuary (Western Cape)321.5545
101626162830Grootvaly on Blesbok (Gauteng)11.172
101626142829Grootvaly Wetland Reserve (Gauteng)11.001
101625452752Hartbeespoort Dam (North West)16.3620
101634062200Hartebeeskuil Dam (Western Cape)33.003
101634072207Hartenbos Estuary (Western Cape)214.6740
101633502225Herold Farm: Dam 2 (Western Cape)11.502
101633492227Herold Farm: Dam 5 (Western Cape)11.001
101629422405Hopetown Sewage Works (Northern Cape)11.001
101632051819Jakkalsvlei (Western Cape)11.001
101634002456Kabeljous River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001
101629322515Kalkfontein Dam (Free State)11.001
101634022324Keurbooms River Estuary (Western Cape)25.5511
101626362718Klipdrif Dam (Gauteng)11.001
101627483048Klipfontein Bird Sanctuary (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001
101634032302Knysna Lagoon (Western Cape)11.172
101634042302Knysna Sewage Works (Western Cape)11.202
101626112818Korsman Bird Sanctuary (Gauteng)11.502
101634082450Krom River Mouth (Eastern Cape)11.001
101626213022Lake Banagher: South (Mpumalanga)11.001
101626193013Lake Chrissie (Mpumalanga)29.5017
101633091804Langebaan: Lagoon Combined (Western Cape)12.003
101634051844Lourens River Estuary (Western Cape)44.004
101626212830Marievale Bird Sanctuary: Area A (Gauteng)11.001
101629173117Mbozambo Waste Water Lagoon (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001
101633441828Melkbos Pan (Western Cape)11.704
101634072206Mossel Bay Sewage Works (Western Cape)19.6725
101633401858Noord Agter Paarl Irrigation Dam (Western Cape)11.502
101629483100Northern Treatment Works (KwaZulu-Natal)11.001
101628331633Orange River: Bridge - Hohenfels (Northern Cape)11.001
101628381628Orange River: Mouth - Bridge (Northern Cape)11.503
101634051849Paardevlei Dam (Western Cape)11.001
101633411858Paarl Bird Sanctuary (Western Cape)12.5712
101633522536PE Power Station Pans (Eastern Cape)11.001
101634112201PetroSA Dams (Western Cape)22.002
101625482851Premier Dam (Gauteng)2020.0020
101633561828Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary: Pans (Western Cape)25.008
101633181845Radyn Dam (Western Cape)11.001
101626102741Riebeeck Lake (Gauteng)11.001
101628402618Rietpan (Free State)2121.0021
101625532817Rietvlei & Marais Dams (Gauteng)22.673
101633511829Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: Central Pans (Western Cape)22.002
101633501831Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: Channel (Western Cape)22.002
101633521830Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: Combined (Western Cape)28.1723
101633501830Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: Diep River (Western Cape)33.003
101633501828Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: Dolphin Beach (Western Cape)11.834
101633511828Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: North Vlei (Western Cape)11.252
101633521828Rietvlei Wetland Reserve: South Vlei (Western Cape)11.001
101623472924Rondepan Farm Dams (Northern Province)11.332
101625382821Roodeplaat Dam (Gauteng)15.8216
101625342814Rooiwal Sewage Works (Gauteng)11.001
101629182637Rusfontein Dam (Free State)11.001
101626092821Rynfield Dam (Gauteng)22.002
101626072819Sandpan (Gauteng)17.7514
101633382209Seekoegat Dam (Potgieter Dam) (Western Cape)22.002
101628132431So Ver Myn Dam (Northern Cape)11.332
101629401753Springbok Sewerage Works (Northern Cape)22.002
101634232124Stilbaai Sewage Works (Western Cape)22.002
101634051831Strandfontein Sewage Works: Combined (Western Cape)11.383
101626302815Suikerbosrand Drainage (Gauteng)13.254
101634021913Theewaterskloof Dam (Western Cape)12.254
101634022304Thesen's Island: Section D (Western Cape)11.001
101626552816Vaal Dam: East (Free State)14.0012
101626572821Vaal Dam: EE1 (Extreme East) (Free State)66.006
101627042816Vaal Dam: South (Free State)13.5010
101626542808Vaal Dam: West (Free State)12.335
101632201825Verlorenvlei (Western Cape)11.502
101634251910Vermont Salt Pan (Western Cape)12.185
101634162149Voelvlei (Western Cape)11.502
101625533036Vygeboom Dam (Mpumalanga)23.336
101632131821Wadrif Saltpan (Western Cape)13.678
101633391858Wellington Waste Water Works (Western Cape)11.001
101634081821Wildevoelvlei (Western Cape)13.258
101625532918Witbank Dam (Mpumalanga)14.3817
101634071828Zandvlei: Lower Estuary (Western Cape)116.23201
101634061829Zandvlei: Marina Da Gama (Western Cape)324.2758
101634061828Zandvlei: Upper Estuary (Western Cape)19.9156
101634071827Zandvlei: Westlake Wetlands (Western Cape)12.787
101633522538Zwartkops River Estuary (Eastern Cape)11.001
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