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Species Summary

Shelduck, Common (Tadorna tadorna)

134229263024Albert Falls Dam: Route 1 (KwaZulu-Natal)22.002
134232521815Berg River 8: Kruispad Floodplain (Western Cape)1919.0019
134232521817Berg River 9: Langrietvlei Floodplain (Western Cape)3535.0035
134234141959Blaauwklip (Western Cape)1616.0016
134234242049Breede River Estuary: Mouth - Power lines (Western Cape)22.002
134233381843Droevlei (Western Cape)33.003
134233322721Kleinemonde West River: Mouth - 4km upstream (Eastern Cape)88.008
134229313011Midmar Dam: Reserve Section (KwaZulu-Natal)44.004
134233572458Mondplaas Ponds (Eastern Cape)11.001
134224013110PMC Wetlands (Northern Province)11.001
134233391926Worcester Wastewater Works (Western Cape)44.004
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