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Species Summary

Stork, Abdim's (Ciconia abdimii)

7823312919Deloskop Farm Dam (Northern Province)1113.5016   
7824312802Goedehoop Dam (Northern Province)11.001   
7823372923Kalkfontein Irrigation Dams (Northern Province)22.503   
7829532412Kraankuilsdam: Saaidam (Northern Cape)150150.00150   
7829522403Kraankuilsdam: Weir (Northern Cape)4444.0044   
7823472924Rondepan Farm Dams (Northern Province)21146.75500   
7825342814Rooiwal Sewage Works (Gauteng)2121.0021   
7834061828Zandvlei: Upper Estuary (Western Cape)1919.0019   
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