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Species Summary

Gull, Common Black-headed (Larus ridibundus)

93326352535Barberspan (North West)16.6720
93334201908Botriviervlei: A1 Bridge to Benguela Cove (Western Cape)11.001
93334221905Botriviervlei: D Rooisand area (Western Cape)44.004
93334211905Botriviervlei: E (Kleinmond River Estuary) (Western Cape)23.004
9333113954Lake Jilore (Kenya)11.502
93332041818Lamberts Bay: Bird Island (Western Cape)11.001
93326322536Leeupan (North West)4040.0040
93325202830Leeuwfontein Drainage (Gauteng)11.001
9333094008Sabaki River Mouth (Kenya)12.676
93334051831Strandfontein Sewage Works: Combined (Western Cape)11.001
9332284021Tana River Delta - south & central (Kenya)1616.0016
93326542808Vaal Dam: West (Free State)230230.00230
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